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they heard possible explosions coming from a parking garage. gary nurenberg is live from the popular shopping center with the latest tonight. gary. >> reporter: well, anita, that surely got us scurrying out here. turns out the explosions, the sounds of tires exploding as a result of car fires. this happened as we sat on the first floor of the parking garage. take a look at the big suv prominent in the picture. that is where firefighters believe the fire started in the engine compartment of that big suv. it spread to two other cars. three cars destroyed by fire. five others damaged by heat. that big suv owned by a family we saw sitting on the bumper of another car wondering how they're going to get home. the initial investigation make it appear this was an accident. so some big problems for the people whose cars were destroyed. big problem for damaged cars. and inconvenience for shoppers here. john price. >> we had to close down the parking garage for a little bit
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until we could determine what we had and what we needed to do. we worked with the tyson security. and once we determined the area that we needed to confine, the personnel too and ensure no one ems was in the area, we -- no one else was in the area, we opened up the parking garage. >> reporter: these were accidental fires. that's not the final verdict. imagine the poor people that lost the cars. all the red tape and phone calls they have with insurance companies ahead. not the kind of barbecue you want, anita, to end your labor day weekend. >> not by a long shot. gary nurenberg, thank you. the tuesday after labor day is typically one of the worst traffic days of the year, and this year it promises to be heavier as students in fairfax county kick off their first day of school. here is a look at some of the trouble spots you're going to want to avoid tomorrow morning. northbound i95 towards springfield will most likely see a lot of heavy volume. a typical alternate would be route one. but all of the traffic lights on that will cause some backup,
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especially during the morning rush. also you'll want to avoid i295. an alternate could be i295. the interloop of 495 is slated to be a big headache for drivers. and we'll have live traffic reports starting at 4:25 tomorrow morning. right now andrea mccarren joins us live at the bay bridge with look at conditions there. >> reporter: hey, anita. right now traffic is very heavy on the bay bridge, particularly westbound headed intro dc. but it is moving along. no accidents to report as people head home. but travelers had a much larger problem at the 9th bridge. on a normal day, driving over the 9th bridge is tough.
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on a holiday, it is undeniably miserable. >> they do need to do something about. >> we dreeded it. we -- dreaded it. we were like do we really want to go that way. >> i had no other way to get home. >> reporter: the bridge spans the potomac river and connects charles county maryland with king georges county, virginia. the bottleneck is inevitable. >> it is very frustrating. >> the kids get frustrated and want to get out and do something. it's kind of hard. >> reporter: on this labor day, the backup stretched more than four miles. >> they need a couple more legs. >> reporter: mary and her son stayed at the beach for eight hours waiting for the traffic to clear. >> we waited so long so we could get across without having to get stuck. >> i had a good time so i'm not going to complain. >> reporter: in fact, after a beautiful holiday weekend, few travelers were complaining about the long, slow ride home.
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>> you know, anita, locals on both sides of the potomac have been talking about improving and expanding the bridge since 2006. there was money for the planning stages but not for construction. again, right here at the bay bridge, traffic is heavy but it is moving right along. reporting live, i'm andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> thanks, andrea. from a few hours, the metro's red line should be completely reopened again. the tacoma, forest glenn and wheaton stations are all scheduled to be back open by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. the metro stops have been closed for the holiday weekend for some crucial maintenance work. tonight dc mayor adrian fenty is far behind in the polls, in danger of losing his job. it would be the biggest fall of the city's history of electing political leaders. the big question is how did it come to this? tonight some answers from the mayor himself and his wife michelle who sat down with bruce johnson for an exclusive
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interview at their home in northwest. >> if you do not find it in your heart to forgive me and give me a second chance, i will have no one to blame but myself. >> reporter: it was as close as mayor fenty admitted that he might lose the election. >> what were you asking them to give you? >> for not making adjustments. we have to engage more. we have to make people feel more a part of the process. >> reporter: everything that he has ever done is communicate. his wife appealing the voters after being absent from the public complain almost from the start. >> i'm hearing people describe my husband using adjectives that are absolutely shocking. >> reporter: mayor fenty don't say that he was personally hurt when the polls showed him trailing by 17 points. >> how are you doing, brother? >> reporter: but his wife of 13 years, the mother of his three children, said it for him. >> it was -- it was
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heart-breaking to think that there was so many people in this city in his city, the city that he was born and raised in, that feel that he's disconnected from the issues. >> reporter: how is it that the city is so divided racially? the majority of white people love the job you're doing. it should be just the opposite. >> bigger than me. that's for sure. >> hey, guys. >> obviously there has been a disconnection more than just results. going forward, we will need to bridge that connection. >> reporter: four years ago a dree yan fenty was a -- adrian fenty was a unifying subject. but the majority of african-american voters have given up. >> i think they don't know him and he didn't give them a chance to get to know him. i think that's part of him being a young politician and not being
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able to lead what people want to see and feel. >> reporter: she says she's prepared if they lose. life will go on. he will only say again and again that he kept his word to get things done. among other things, student test scores up, crime, it's down. >> our ability to drive jobs in dc is unprecedented anywhere in the country. >> reporter: how many jobs are we talking about? >> we're talking about just in the past four years over 11,000 new people hired. michelle rhee decides to fire teachers, it's your decision or her decision. >> the fire decision is mine. >> reporter: the police chief crime initiatives, is that on the chief or you. >> the final decision is on me. >> reporter: four years ago he knocked on every door. but who has the major been listening to -- mayor been listening to since he won office? >> we have senior staff just like every other mayor. i've been around this job and around this city as long as any of my staff probably more.
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i bring to the job what i grew up with in dc. who i grew up with in dc. the neighborhood. for better or worse, this city is run over the last four years with every key decision being mine and mine alone. >> reporter: mayor fenty says he has a plan for identifying his vote and getting his people to the polls on september 14th. his campaign has raised a lot of money. millions. >> even so, what are his key supporters saying in private? >> one thing in public but another in private. they're working hard. but 17 points in a lot to make up. michelle fenty coming out. this helps, they say, but they may need a lot more. >> you're going to have more on this tomorrow morning. 6:12 a.m. . >> absolutely. >> bruce johnson, thank you so much. all right. coming up tomorrow morning, discovery channel employees will be going back to work almost a week after the deadly police standoff. last wednesday james lee walked into the silver spring building and fired a starter pistol sparking a lockdown. he took three people hostage in
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the lobby, including the building security guard. swat team members eventually moved in and shot lee to death after he threatened the hostages frm the building there in -- hostages. the building there has been closed since then. for the first time in eight days, a university of maryland student has been attacked in college park. >> you definitely have to look after yourself. i carry around mace with me when i go off campus. >> i don't even tell my mom what goes on here. she is already scared about it. >> in each case, students were assaulted and robbed after midnight in areas near the campus. in the most recent attack, a male student was walking alone early saturday morning on heartwick road when he says he was beaten up and robbed by four people. police say it's important for victims to report crimes right away. >> in this last incident, the victim failed to notify police until approximately 12 hours after the incident. >> police made two arrests and have a warrant out for another suspect for an attack on three
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students at the clarion hotel on august 27th. the university has now launched a safety campaign which includes urging students to take extra precautions. the local bars are getting involved too. they're working with the university and getting out things like the coasters which list safety tips prime crime time from 2:00-4:00 when bars close. as labor day is beginning to close, the president is rolling out stuff to boost a faulty economy. >> today i am announcing a new plan for rebuilding and modernizing america's roads and rails and runways for the long-term. >> at a union rally, the president unveiled his plan to rebuild 150,000 miles of road and reconstruct 150 miles of airport runways. >> i am going to keep fighting
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every single day, every single hour, every single minute to turn this economy around. chausz. >> gop lead --. [ cheers and applause ] >> gop leaders will approve additional spending just weeks before election that will determine control of congress. people run into a burning barn to help save dozens of horses trapped inside. >> i really thought i might catch on fire because the heat was so bad. and tonight investigators try to figure out if it was an accident or arson. and caught on tape, a man beats his own face into the hood of a truck. we're going to explain this bizarre stunt after the break. devon. well, cool tonight. not quite as chilly as last night. great weather continues. wakeup weather forecast not quite as cold start. temperatures in the upper -- 60s and 70s. i've got your bus stop forecast for all of the kids going back
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it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. . tonight fire investigators trying to sort out what started a barn fire that killed more than two dozen race horses. the fire broke out at charles town races around 4:00 a.m. witnesses say flames shot as high as 50 feet into the air as
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people rushed in trying to save as many of the animals as possible. barn owner ken gray was one of the people who ran into the burning barn trying to help with the rescue. unfortunately 27 horses died. >> he was like a towering inferno. you could see the timbers all through the stalls. there was horses still kicking in there. it's an emotional loss. and most of these people over here will never recover. >> all of the horses kept at this barn are thor thur thoroughbreds. total damage is about $1.2 million. an 11-year-old boy is recovering from a sea lion attack. it happened at an australian zoo. jack was invited to be part of a straj show featuring -- stage show featuring lexie the sea
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lion. seconds after a photo was snapped, lexie snapped too. the sea lion mauled the boy's stomach. jack kept his cool. >> it wasn't a big deal because i couldn't feel it. my sister was crying. i don't know why. >> well, jack thinks he knows the reason lexie tried to make a meal of him. the sea lion had sneezed fish guts all over him and may have been attracted by the smell. for the time being, lexie being kept a safe distance from the public. new information has emerged involving a possible fight outside a san antonio spur club. the alleged victim says he was beaten up in the parking lot while management just looked on. but the owners say the man beat himself up and they have the video to prove it. >> we see him punch the car so injuries to his hands and we see him beat his head on the car for injuries to his face.
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>> an attorney for the club says the alleged victim got drunk, was escorted out the door and told to leave. surveillance video shows the man apparently proceeded to hurt himself in plain view of club employees. not smart. fabulous weekend. would love to keep this string going. >> we are. maybe if anything it's going to be a little warmer. but with dry air in place like this, we don't have the awful humidity to make things even worse. so we can go up to 88, 89. close to 90 degrees. and it doesn't #2350e8 like -- 95 -- 95 doesn't feel like 100. a cold front coming through wednesday. but, again, we just don't have humidity to make it feel a lot worse. so in this kind of transition time of the year, we are a little above where we should be once the front comes through, look at thursday. we're all the way back down to upper 70s. lows will be into the 40s in some cases. overnight here not as cool but
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upper 50s in the coolest spots. 66 downtown. let's go ahead and get right to it here. instead of our tomorrow morning forecast, i'm going to go with the mom's like me forecast. 64-74. more outer suburbs i think 464. and then -- 64. and then 74 in falls church. and this is going to be 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. if you're even before then, it will be a little cooler than that. but by the afternoon, it's going to be a very warm day. temperatures pushing mid to upper 80s. 90 degrees in some cases. maybe 91. a little south breeze coming back to. 10-15 miles an hour. gusts could be a little higher. 74 our official temperature already cooling down. gaithersburg you're almost into the 60s here tonight. right into the nine future cast. here is the south wind. sunshine tomorrow. that makes for a warm day. one or two clouds coming around so i'm call it mostly sunny skies. here is the front coming around on wednesday and we'll stop it
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wednesday morning. there might be a passing shower very slim chance that that is going to happen. what it's really going to do is usher in cooler, dryer air as we round out the shortened work week. the unofficial fall season will, again, feel like it as we start it off. the unofficial fall season rounded out summertime. zone forecast upper 80s. a little cooler off to the east where it's a little more humid. so the seven-day forecast all of this together, it's a couple of warm days before we get right back to fall like weather. upper 70s. 50s for lows in dc. and utter suburbs will -- outer suburbs will hit the 40s by at least thursday morning. >> okay. and speaking of fall, let's talk a little football. tonight thousands came out and watch virginia tech face off against boise state. both college football -- the facts given news from north carolina where this weekend unc had to play without 13 players
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deemed in eligible. add that to trouble at other colleges last year, and it begs the question can you win without cheating? brittany morehouse diggs into the debate. >> reporter: there may be no virginia tech or boise state alumni, but many college football fans here admire the schools nevertheless. >> i think it's great that they don't have any blemishes. >> i think they definitely have the same pressure that all of the other division one teams have. however, they have done it the right way. >> they have always had a prestigious program. can you do it the right way. >> reporter: pressures that we learned this weekend caught up to the university of north carolina. one among many in the long list of college athletic programs dating back to who knows how long. >> you go back to the 90s. and some of the players get paid by agents and all of that stuff came out 15 years later. >> scandals and cheating. >> i went to a school where they had a problem with illegal recruiting for a while. >> bending of the rules.
11:20 pm
it's happening almost everywhere. >> reporter: chris johnson is known as cj and the sports producer says the hokies and broncos have great track records so fwar. >> you have to look -- far. >> you have to look up. when frank has issues, -- has gotten rid of those kids. >> reporter: one agreed on a truce, the temptation is only getting worse. >> it's big business now and there is a lot of money tied into these coach's contracts. there is a lot of money tied into athletics. and unfortunately all it lengths itself to shady practices these days. >> reporter: it all gets down to this. should athletes get paid and many say until we figure that out agents will always come to play and coaches just can't regulate that. >> i'm going to give you the flip side of that. there are certain parts of the country where they say if you ain't cheating you ain't trying. and there are too many colleges -- that's not right. but there are too many college
11:21 pm
football fans that believe that. thank you for that report. i'm going to give you the score of that game which is ongoing as we speak. most big time programs like to open with a cupcake. virginia tech didn't make that choice with the hokies regret their choice at boise state. plus the terps go down to the wire. and donovan returns to skins practice. what about big al? 9 sports next.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> say this about virginia tech. they have got guts. they agreed to play boise state when every other national power house was too chicken to do it. chicken that they could lose to a non-bcs opponent and have their season ruined in one game. normally it's tech who makes hey on special teams, but tonight it
11:25 pm
was the other guy. pettis from boise state making the punt. and two plays later pettis again. 10-0 broncos. look, my one hand. nice catch. 17-0 boise. but here come the hokies. third quarter tyrod taylor. hokies take the lead and they still have it. 30-26 with 90 seconds left in the game. meanwhile maryland and navy for just the second time in 44 years. this is devon megeth. three yards up. maryland leads 14-0. they led 17-14 in the final minute. navy 4th and goal. if they score, they win. the terps hang on. they win the crab bowl by three. for the last 15 days, the redskins have been missing something. their quarterback. donovan mcnabb hasn't practiced
11:26 pm
since tweaking his knee august 21st. but that streak ended today. he went to practice. should be good to go sunday against dallas. not so much for that man, albert haynesworth. big aldi moted to the second team at -- al demoted to the second team at practice that he will not start sunday and could even be deactivated. his teammates are just sicking about it. >> i'm tired of talking about it. haynesworth is a part of the team. he's a big part of this team. >> he's a beast when he plays. as long as he has his head in the game, we want him out there playing. >> it will take care of himself. he'll be there when we need him. >> with four weeks to go in the season, the nationals picked up their 60th win today. it may not sound like much until you remember each of the last two years they won just 59. 4th inning, there is push.
11:27 pm
the nats take the lead 4-3. bases loaded in the 6th for espinoza. his 4th major league game. he hit a grand slam. two homers for this kid. nats crushed the mets 13-3. in the bronx today o's. corey patterson trying to score here and he is safe easily. roberts get caught in the run down but it doesn't matter. birds take the bombers 4-3. finally tonight, yank vich is the number one tennis player in the world but you would never know it based on this serve. yikes. hit the frame of her racket and i was at that match the other day and it went eight rows into the seats. and as they used to say in my tennis clinic, no strings attached. it didn't hit one string. >> you can see it all over her face. >> as another tennis player, she paid for that racket. now she got to use it. >> we'll be right back.
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